the eric update – day 56: the fourth. part five.

woohoo! eric is 8 weeks old, which means it’s his second lunar birthday! to celebrate, i thought it was about time time to release the ‘the fourth. part five.’ ( ‘the fourth. part one.’ ‘the fourth. part two.’ ‘the fourth. part three.’ ‘the fourth. part four.’ ).

after i released ‘part four’, i decided that it would make my life easier if i released movies every two weeks, instead of every week, but ‘part five’ sat in postproduction for two more weeks, for no good reason other than a lack of time and energy to put the finishing touches on it. so, that’s a long way of saying the ‘part five’ covers weeks 5 and 6 and does not include photos from the past two weeks. as you might guess, ‘the fourth. part 6.’ is being edited down and will bring the series up to the current date.

i ended up going with another tuck and patti song, which i tried to avoid, since i had already chosen them for ‘the fourth. part two.’ and everybody knows that the rules dictate that you can’t use material from the same artists for more than one track when you’re doing this sort of thing; but after trying lots of other songs, i just couldn’t get their rendition of cyndi lauper’s “time after time” out of my head, so i relented and went with it. i think it’s just about perfect and hopefully you’ll forgive my breaking the rules associated with picking soundtracks.

i didn’t get a lot prerelease feedback on the tearability factor, but my guess is that you might want a tissue or two within reach just in case.

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