flickr test

ella, originally uploaded by snowdeal.

i’m testing flikr flickr after creating an account a few months ago and not doing much with it, until the fine flikr flickr folks recently released a mac uploader. [ s-ed: it’s fliCkr, not flikr! ]

the good news is that it works great! the bad news is that i quickly chewed up my 10 meg free account upload allotment after uploading just 3 photos. so i guess, i’d either need to reduce the size of pictures, which is more work for me and therefore highly unlikely, or i need to payup.

amusingly, i can’t see how to upgrade. i assume it involves money. i’m probably staring right at the upgrade button.

update: hmmm. i don’t care for this template with tables. perhaps there’s a way to change it?

update: why yes, there is a way to pick a new template. there are plenty of non-table default options. apparently it only picks a table-based style if you don’t select a default template when you are first setting up your account.

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