pregnancy update: on surviving babiesrus

as one who can never escape the ‘i’ in intp and also as one who quite possibly could be mildly agoraphobic, there’s few things that i consider more tortuous than shopping. doubly so if the shopping lasts longer than 15 minutes and triply so, if it involes buildings with large amounts of square footage and masses of pregnant woman invading your personal space.

and so it was no small miracle that i made it through 2.5 hours of registering for baby shower items at our local babies “R” us. as a sign of just how well kris knows me, she scheduled the trip at 7:00 p.m. on a friday evening on the suspicion that the store would be less crowded than a saturday afternoon, thusly reducing the chance of me freaking out and engaging in passive aggressive button pushing. she’s smart like that.

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