pregnancy update: meeting the midwife

things are moving right along. according to our best estimates
we’re in the 8-9th week of pregnancy and kris is doing great. she’s
had a little nausea here and there and coming up with an appetizing
dinner plan can be a little challenging at times, but all things
considered everything is going smoothly.

the embryo is about the size of a large olive and this week it’ll
grow quickly from a half-an-inch to an inch long. all manner of
complex biological processess are occuring for the first time – the
kidneys will produce urine, the stomach will produce gastric
juices, the heart will start visibly beating and nerve impulses
will start contracting muscles to produce movements!

we had our first official baby healthcare visit and it might come
as a surprise to some that it was with a


. we were lucky enough to

witness an in-home birth

and we’re fairly certain that it’s the right option for us. i don’t
have anything against modern medical technology. in fact, i was
born three months premature and would have died way back then had i
not lived in area that had the best and brightest working to do
everything they could, so this is not a decision that we take
lightly. that said, if kris progresses through the pregnancy and
there isn’t any indication that she’s out of the norm, i think
we’ll go ahead and have the baby in the confort of our home. the
midwife we chose is a pro and has delivered over 1,200 babies in
the last 23 years so if everything looks normal, i have every
confidence that everything will be fine. of course, we are
educating ourselves and will meet with “backup” docs next week just to make
sure that we’ve covered our bases.

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