on being an evil previous homeowner

it’s official. if you’re an existing homeowner who intends someday to sell your home there are a number of evil things that you can inflict on the next homeowners/renovators. firstly, you’re evil if you every wallpaper anything. bonus evil points are awarded if you think that if a little wallpaper glue is good, then a lot must be better. you’ll get the ultimate evil award if you dare to paint over wallpaper, especially wallpaper that was laid with obnoxious amounts of glue. secondly, you’re evil if you install vinyl tile. be honest, nobody really likes vinyl tile, expecially not the next homeowner who has to remove the tile with the design you thought was pretty cool 15 years ago.

three guesses as to what i’ve been doing lately. some day i’m hoping that kris and i will get over this perversion we have towards buying 80-plus year-old houses. it’s a sickness.

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