oh the humanity

sigh. here’s a travel tip. let’s say you want to get from los angeles, california to grand rapids, michigan after 4 p.m. pst. let’s say you race to the airport to catch the 5:15 flight to chicago in hopes that you can get any ol’ puddle jumper to gr. before you do this and more importantly before you drop off your car, remember to do the timezone math. otherwise, the nice lady behind the counter will remind you that if you took the 5:15 p.m. pst flight out, you’d actually arrive in chicago really late – much later than the last flight to gr. she’d then ask, in the nicest way possible, if you’d like to stay at lax for the next 7 hours and catch the redeye out, or would you rather fly to chicago and try to find a place to sleep. the international terminal is close and has lots of shops she’ll say.

so, I’m people-watching in the international terminal wondering if I can round out the day by falling asleep and missing my flight.

I wonder how much beer you can drink before you get flagged by security for extra special attention?

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