looks like a handy little tool for producing “friend of a friend” or


“JabFoaf currently consists of two pieces: Roster2Foaf and JID2Foaf. Both tools are based on the same idea — retrieving vCard information about Jabber users and returning FOAF entries.”

of course, you may be wondering

you’d want to produce foaf entries. because, my friend, many a glorious splendor awaits the arrival of the foaf-filled world – for example the
foaf- enabled alarm clock


” Imagine you wanted to create an computer-based alarm clock based on FOAF, where instead of an alarm, your computer played sound samples of your friends (and friends’ friends) shouting “Wake Up, slacker…”. FOAF tools provide most of what you need, ie. tools that harvest information from your friends’ Web sites and aggregate it in a local database. Except you need to know one more property associated with people described in FOAF documents. You want to know the URL of an audio clip (eg. MP3 or WAV) of their “wake up” message. All you need to do to deploy your FOAF-based alarm clock is to document the syntax for adding this new piece of information into FOAF documents. Then install a FOAF harvesting tool, write up some motivating documents, and produce some demos or applications that make interesting use of your FOAF extension.”

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