o.k. kids, lets play the juxtaposition game. this is the one where i egregiously contrast out-of-context quotes for dramatic effect.

rohit khare

very exited



“So Joltage is premiering at PC Forum, and I’m excited enough that I’m posting this while they’re still on stage.”

“Look, I can’t tell you this will work or otherwise, but this is the most exciting step forward I’ve seen in some time. This is waay cooler than even boingo — the business model is the innovation.”

but others have taken a look at the model and come to an entirely
different conclusion


“Even if they don’t take my money somehow, the nonchalant exposure of their “franchisees” to legal liability of bandwidth reselling is clearly an indefensible unethical business practice.”

there is evidence of progressive ISPs allowing bandwidth sharing, as

by the relationship between

and the
personal telco project

, but they are pretty clear about where they stand on reselling:

“EasyStreet agrees with and supports the goal of PTP: to provide free open access to the Internet for the betterment of the local community. EasyStreet currently supports the project by condoning the sharing to the bandwidth of our DSL customers into the network. Our challenge will be for all of us to find a model that allows us to continue to do so economically.

The sharing of their bandwidth is for non-commercial usage. EasyStreet’s bandwidth is not to be resold nor used for commercial purposes by the user of the shared connection (the end point user).”

rumor has it that

is being more proactive about courting ISPs, but i think it’s fair to say that it’s a bit soon to be shouting “innovative business model!” in the streets.

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