over at the most striking thing about
matt’s observation

about mp3s and the recording industry is that it even needs to be said at all:

“Everyone with a computer I know uses them, rips them from their CDs, and shares them with others. Napster (and later on, Kazaa) built massive worldwide networks based on the sharing of these files, spreading terabytes of files to millions of users. And yet, you can’t walk into a store anywhere in America and buy a physical form of media embedded with mp3s.”

“Given the ubiquity of mp3s among consumers, the continued rise in popularity of the format despite anything that’s been put in place to stop them, and the millions of dollars being spent on mp3 encoding/decoding software and hardware, I no longer think the RIAA operates solely on fear. At this point, they’re simply running on stupidity.”

and yet it does need to be said.

it’s hard to believe that it has been nearly two years since

ran with the wonderfully straightforwardly-titled
Napster sends a message to music industry: ‘Your customers aren’t happy’

and the recording industry still can’t seem to get a clue. just look at the facts, ma’am – you’re spending alot of money attempting to kill a messenger which is only getting stronger.

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