i usually downplay the fact that the literal translation in inuit of my last name, snowdeal, is “one who deals or makes snow”. simply put, this means i can control the moisture content in the air. of course, in the winter this translates into the ability to “call forth” snow.

i don’t talk about it much because it seems like one of those things that doesn’t seem so special. just look at who my role models were growing up. sure,

was o.k., but

pretty much ruined any chance that water-based superpowers would gain widespread acceptance. granted, aquaman, just talked with the fish and didn’t really have anything to do with altering moisture content, but that’s the power of guilt-by-association.

besides the lack of any strong role model, there was also the big blizzard of ’78 in downeast maine. i was 8 and catholic and the nuns had plenty to say about fire and brimstone and remembering what happened to the women in salem. so, since having the fear of being turned into a pillar of salt, i haven’t been motivated to put my powers to use, save for the occasional mild humid day here or a flurry there.

if you live in the midwest, then i don’t have to tell you how pathetic an excuse for winter we’ve been experiencing and last night i decided that enough was enough and that i’d probably escape divine retribution with an inch or two of white stuff – nothing fancy-schmancy, just enough to give a capra-esque flavor to christmas eve.

so how did it turn out? well, i should have taken refresher course on the best laid plans and good intentions, since i awoke this morning to about 4 inches of snow and we might just end up with 8-12 inches by the end of christmas day.

yup, the dang lake-effect moisture has turned a little into a lot.

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