i was going to try to avoid commenting on how despicable jerry falwell and pat robertson have been lately, but i can’t stop myself.

why on earth is cnn carrying the headline that Falwell apologizes to gays, feminists, lesbians? although it’s hard to tell for certain because the article is poorly written, it appears that even though falwell “apologizes” for implying that anyone besides the terrorists were responsible for the attack, he then hedges by stating:

“Falwell said he believes the ACLU and other organizations “which have attempted to secularize America, have removed our nation from its relationship with Christ on which it was founded.”

“I therefore believe that that created an environment which possibly has caused God to lift the veil of protection which has allowed no one to attack America on our soil since 1812.” he said.””

must be some kind of new definition of apology. i’d go on, but i’m guessing that i’m preaching to the converted.

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