well. i guess i’ve got another project to play around with straight out of programming web services with XML-RPC:

“The following sections explore using PHP to integrate two web applications into one interface. The first section demonstrates how to create a complete PHP XML-RPC server application, in this case a discussion server. The web application to which this server will be connected is a database called Meerkat, the brainchild of Rael Dornfest and O’Reilly & Associates, Inc. (who also happen to be the publishers of this book). Meerkat is a storehouse of news about technological developments. After a subsequent section that gives an overview of Meerkat, the chapter demonstrates how to integrate the database with the custom XML-RPC discussion server.”

speaking of web services, there was a great discussion regarding Which Web services are the most bestest ones? on FoRK a bit ago sparked by the seemingly simplest of questions from clay shirky:

“So someone asked me an obvious but hard to answer question today:
What are the best examples of web services currently running?”

and i guess while i’m at it, i might as well throw in the recent proposal from big blue for Metering and accounting for Web services

“In this article, the authors describe a generalized pricing model for commercial Web services that can be implemented by service providers for service requesters. The solution they propose shows how the use of Web services can be metered, and the resulting data used for subsequent accounting and billing processes. By way of example, the solution presented in the article is itself implemented as a Web service.”

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