want to get paid to bring blogger.com and jabber together? jabber.com has apparently established a jabber grant program:

“The purpose of the Grant program is to sponsor development (either code, documentation, or
website development) that will be shared by the entire Jabber community for the benefit the entire community. The Grants would target development in less glamourous areas (like updating whitepapers) or in more experimental areas (like integrating whiteboards). The overall intention of the program is to increase the number of projects and developers using Jabbber.”

“There are a number of proposals we have already considered, specifically
updates to documentation and integration with a blogging service.”

it would be fun to see a design competition to determine exactly what “integration with a blogging service” could mean. IM alerts that certain blogs have been updated? trivial – just use spyonit. conference-style chats that are instantly blogged? maybe.

i’d like to see a service that alerts you that a topic has appeared in a resource that you may be interested in, gives you a summary of the basis for the alert and lets you blog it from the IM panel.

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