The Myth of 800×600 contains lots of nice info for those considering making layout/design changes:

“Viewing pages fixed at 800×600 on a monitor with a maximum resolution of 800×600 is like reading the newspaper on the airplane: You can do it, but it’s inconvenient and unwieldy. Or, imagine if television were the same: Owners of large TVs would have to watch their favorite shows within a 12×12-inch square
on their 3-foot screen; and owners of small TV sets might miss half of the picture. We wouldn’t tolerate this, yet it’s been accepted on the Web.”

according to the rest of the article, i guess i’m in the minority. i tend to always have many, many windows mazimized with a screen resolution of 1280×1024 and the vast wasteland reflects that. although, it’s somewhat ‘liquid’, the site verges on sucking at lower resolutions. i’m thinking of moving to a 2-column format, but with my design skills, it would likely look even more plain jane than it does already. hi. ho.

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