wow! i just got back from puebla. i wish i could have spent more time exploring the area. as it turned out, i did get an amazing tour of the cholula pyramid by an 81-year-old, toothless character who was putting me to shame with the pace he was keeping. at one point he handed me arifacts that he claimed dated 250 b.c. hard to tell if he was serious, but it’s fun to imagine.

puebla/cholula is full of history with a capital ‘H’ and it’s reflected in the development of the pyramid:

“People settled at Cholula, around a pond located under the present pyramid, in the late centuries BC. Cholula is therefore one of the oldest continuously- occupied cities in the western hemisphere, perhaps the oldest.”

“In 1519, Hernando Cortés came to Cholula with a large army of Tlaxcalans, who camped outside town while Cortés and his soldiers put up in a palace located on the west side of Blvd Miguel Alemán between 5th and 7th Streets. He wanted the Cholulans to help him attack Tenochtitlán. They sent a messenger to Montezuma, asking what he would think if they killed the Spaniards. Montezuma didn’t have a problem with that…”

i guess they were expecting a big turnout for the zapatista’s visit today. lots of military types with big guns milling around.

also, had a good time eating and drinking at mi ciudad. i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that the lost credit card was my fault ;-(

other than the lost plastic a good time was had by all. and yes, i did actually work while i was there.

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