i have such a mixed bag of emotions over “the pyra situation”. my range of feelings is covered in the me-fi thread, so i guess there’s no point in being repetative here.

i guess i’ll go with the understated approach and just thank the whole team who made something cool that many valued, but few could price. or something like that. yup, there’s loads of crappy stuff going on the world and maybe our little content management system doesn’t amount to a hill of beans – but dammit, i think there’s something happening. something different.

i can only hope that the reports of pyra’s death have been greatly exaggerated and that maybe dreams will come true :

“Think of what will be created now people have stopped, thought, and decided that yes there is space to compete. Blogger has been humanised, it can return to being just something people use rather than the roots of the community (and there is a community here). Interoperating personal content management systems. Standards. Growth. Taking over the world. Letting a thousand flowers bloom. ”

and matt proves it’s really not so much about blogger as it is about people, communication and stories.

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