haven’t thought about howard zinn lately? maybe you should jump over to bad subjects:

“Imperialism is the factor in American policy, not just since 1898, but in fact long before it when we were expanding across this continent and taking away Indian lands in order to enlarge the territory of the United States. We have been an imperial power and an expansionist power for a very long time. It will continue regardless of whether we have Republican or Democratic administrations in power. In fact, it’s hard to tell who would be more likely to further the ends of imperialism. The Democrats or the Republicans, Bush or Gore? I mean yes, in domestic policy you can find some differences among them. Look at the appointments to the Attorney General, environmental affairs, and so on….but in foreign policy, it’s very hard to find a difference.”

someday i’ll get around to reading a people’s history – although regular visitors have no doubt noticed that i haven’t updated my reading list in a year. hi. ho.

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