i’ve been picking-up the pace of tinkering with linux at home. it’s always a drag because there’s always some application or another that requires m$ and hasn’t been ported to linux. although the list of applications is getting smaller, and it really feels like it’s almost possible to not have to boot up the windows partition on a regular basis, there’s always something. this time groove is messing up my reboot times. although there are problems with groove the file-sharing feature quickly has become indespensible and, of course, there’s no linux client.

lo and behold win4lin looks like it may be a cheap way for me to have my cake and eat it too:

” If you are a Windows user who really wants to migrate to Linux, but you think you’ll feel disenfranchised without your Windows productivity applications, Win4Lin is a must-have. If, on the other hand, you want to run Linux without breaking company rules about which Windows applications you must use for work, then Win4Lin is an absolute necessity.”

here’s a more recent comparison of win4lin and vmware.

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