mauja and his pal harper

as some of you know, we have dogs. what most of you don’t know is that mauja [inuit for “light, deep snow”] the malamute has been sick since thanksgiving. he hasn’t been able to keep down any food and has generally been acting pretty pathetic.

today, after one fruitless and expensive series of x-rays earlier in the week, the vet determined that, indeed, something was obstructing the normal ways and means of his gastrointestinal track and that emergency surgery would be required.

initially we suspected that the obstruction could likely have been caused by my carelessly leaving out the cheesecloth that covered the sacrificial thanksgiving bird. as anyone with a malamute knows, they have supernaturally sneaky abilities to steal food. anything is fair game. you’ll likely never know and instead be left with odd, hanging thoughts like, “hmmmmm, i could have sworn that there was a steak on the counter.” or “i can’t believe we’re going through a pound of butter every other day.”

however, i’m happy to report that i’m off the hook, since the vet pulled one, “ping-pong sized plastic ball” from his stomach before it entered his small intestine – likely averting perforation of his bowels.

now, if we could just figure out where that plastic ball came from.

there was a time when i didn’t think i’d be the kind of person who would pay for surgery for house pets.

i was wrong.

mauja has to stay overnight at the vet for observation. i hope he does o.k. there’s nothing louder or more disturbing than an upset mal. they howl and cry. loudly.

sleep tight, mauja.

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