some syndication links:

meerkat: the xml-rpc interface:

“Meerkat, O’Reilly Network’s Open Wire Service, extends its open API with XML-RPC, affording a more standardized XML-based interface to its aggregated RSS database.”

an introduction to rss news feeds:

“RDF Site Summary (RSS) is catching on as one of the most widely used XML formats on the Web. Find out how to create and use RSS files and learn what they can do for you. See why companies like Netscape, Userland, and Moreover use RSS to distribute and syndicate article summaries and headlines. This article includes sample code that demonstrates elements of an RSS file, plus a Perl example using the module XML::RSS.”


“ aggregates links to the latest technology based content on the web. This includes links to News stories, articles, Usenet announcements, software updates and much more, all from a huge number of continually indexed sources .

Once ‘harvested’ these links are categorized by their subject into a familiar browsable and searchable directory structure. This allows you to quickly get at the up to the minute information you want, track down that elusive article or just find something interesting to read.

Think of like a fine tuned ‘realtime’ search engine. Rather than randomly trawling the web knows what to get and where to get it, constantly updating its content.”

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