i’ve been hankerin’ to start my own radio station. on the internet, of course. but, right when i was just about ready to give it a go, webcasting: doing it legally made me a little jumpy:

“If you want to operate an internet radio station legally, you need to do these things:

  1. Follow the play limits and other restrictions on content
    mentioned in the DMCA, and summarized above;

  2. Fill out the licensing forms from
    BMI, and
    and send each of them at least a couple hundred dollars a year;

  3. Fill out the webcasting licensing

    and expect them to start hitting you with a large bill some time
    next year.”

i think, though, if i want to forego the licensing fees, i can use a service like live365.com or myplay, although i think i need to do some decision trees and flowcharting to understand the play limits and restrictions.

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