inquiring minds want to know. did did google give yahoo a boost?. i thought this issue had been resolved awhile ago, but perhaps not:

“We began to notice in early March that Yahoo! pages seemed to be rising in Google search rankings. This was several months before Google’s alliance with Yahoo! was announced on June 26, so we had no reason to think that there was any connection. But Yahoo!’s rankings kept rising in the succeeding months, and the announcement of the Google-Yahoo! alliance naturally raised questions about the connection.

A key point is the size and depth of the Google index. The claim has been made that the reason for Yahoo!’s sudden climb has to do with the size and depth of the Google index — Yahoo! has risen because more pages are being indexed, or maybe because Yahoo! is being more thoroughly indexed after the
alliance. In answer to these suggestions, however, the accompanying table of data shows that the rise in Yahoo! rankings in Google searches occurred well before the Google-Yahoo! alliance, and also well before the increase in size of the Google index.”

“For the record, I did talk with Kimberly Vogel at Google, to see if they have an explanation for this. Her response is that “Google’s index has grown significantly since January 2000 and it has indeed uncovered more Yahoo! pages.” I told her that my data seems to raise questions about this because the big leap by Yahoo! in Google rankings seems to have occurred before the explosive rise in the Google index size. She had no further explanation than this, just saying that what I recorded is an “anomaly.”

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