beating a dead horse on multiple platforms”

“Netscape 6. What an abortion. What a visual scar on my desktop. So many things on it screaming for my attention. The really horrible ´just register, no, go on, it´s easy, please, no, really, I insist, no, REGISTER, why? BECAUSE no one knows how to make money in this ´free sofware model´ and we´re going to sell your demographics by changing our privacy policy when you´re not looking´ approach is messed up.

It´s not so much that Microsoft won the browser war through any of its normal ´cross-platform anticompetitive leveraging´ tricks (as one judge described it), but simply because, like Apple, Netscape has proven themselves completely inadequate for the task.

You know, imagine if Microsoft wasn´t around! We´d be STUCK with this miserable aberration called Netscape Navigator 6. Strategically, it doesn´t bode well with this´concession of defeat´ by Netscape, but well, Microsoft must be really laughing now.”

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