ooof. it’s a good thing i ordered the extra large annotated bookmark bin [and no smartypants, despite evidence to the contrary, this is not going to turn into ‘all rss all the time’]:

oreilly network rss moves forward
oreilly network writing rss 1.0
oreilly network rss delivers the xml promise
davenet what to do about rss?

click on image to view embedded rdf description

and in related news – ever wondered if you annotate your photos with rdf? well the w3c has a technical note on describing and retrieving photos using rdf and http:

This note describes a project for describing & retrieving (digitized) photos with (RDF) metadata. It describes the RDF schemas, a data-entry program for quickly entering metadata for large numbers of photos, a way to serve the photos and the metadata over HTTP, and some suggestions for search methods to retrieve photos based on their descriptions.

The data-entry program has been implemented in Java, a specific Jigsaw frame has been done to retrieve the RDF from the image through HTTP. The RDF schema uses the Dublin Core schema as well as additional schemas for technical data.

and they’ve even gone and produced a rdfpic to embed embed an rdf description of a picture into the picture itself. will wonders ever cease?

[ rdfpic link via whump]

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