oops. it would appear that some people at m$ [actually msn] aren’t happy about ie’s new “cookie-catcher” feature [and hey – it shouldn’t be hard to figure out who sent the anonymous letter. it’s that person at m$ who’s concerned about usability]:

“MSN and all the other Web properties in Microsoft are incredibly irate at the IE team for the cookie catcher feature. They claim they talked to MSN about the feature. Well, they did, *after* they had already implemented and coded it and Brad Chase and his team gave them an earful.

“What doesn’t come out in the Wired article is how obtrusively the third-party cookie notification feature is implemented. If you enable this feature (and right now it’s enabled by default), every time you hit a page with a banner that sets a third-party cookie, a warning dialog pops up. Every page. That’s not a behavior that anyone’s going to tolerate. And the all the Web sites will not be able to respond, even if they’re willing, quickly enough.

End result: users will turn off the feature.”

[anonymous m$ message via scripting news]

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