o.k. so i’m just getting around to unloading taylor’s extensive monologue on the content management bit that i snarkily blogged awhile ago [yes, i’m barely keeping my head above water on this whole blogging thing – i do have a dayjob you know]. i make snarky comments while taylor actually makes the effort to say something meaningful [indicative of why i apparently have one faithful reader]:

“My real feelings is that content management is going to be the basis for all future operating systems. We have too much information stuff, and we want all of our personal information sphere to interoperate will our environment. We need something to manage all this. And we need it to work in a way that doesn’t require a call to an engineer to make changes. ”

psssst. taylor also links to a discussion on content management systems that you might find interesting:

“The basic message to that article is that you’ll be better off writing a custom Content Management System for your company than you will be if you use one from a vendor like Vignette. Those tools (pre-packaged CMS’s) require so much customization that you end up writing most of a CMS anyway, they claim.

What I think the author misses is that it’s a lot of work to write the underside of a CMS. Sure, Vignette’s system has a lousy reputation among those who actually use it, mainly because their workflow system sucks… but what so many companies will find is that it’s an awesome amount of work to try to develop the services that Vignette provides in your own in-house product… and then you have to try to support it. If IT staffs were static, that would be fine, but they’re not.”

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