it’s funny, a friend and myself were joking around about p2p this weekend. and now i find out that some are actually trying to push it in a pathetic attempt at creating a new buzzword for the bingo bin:

“Despite the dot-com downturn, Silicon Valley is embarking on one of its favorite pastimes: investing in a full-blown technology fad. This one, called “peer-to-peer” computing, is inspired by the controversial music-sharingservice Napster Inc.”

salon chimes in with an equally snarky commentary:

“Attention Napster fans: Are you aware that when you trade songs on computers you’re engaged in the hottest new business model to pique venture capitalists’ interest? Yep, according to the Wall Street Journal, the “latest tech fad” turned buzzword is P-to-P, or peer-to-peer. You know, your computer talks to my computer and we share information without going through a middleman server anywhere. OK, we dumped the middleman, but God, don’t let us lose anything else: You wouldn’t want to be a participant in this “hot space” and be referred to as “just another PP.””

i can see this flaming out quickly (the whole letter-to-letter naming thing, not peer-to-peer computing) – i’m betting we get one more honest attempt ( i actually saw b-to-a (business to anyone) yesterday, which deserves to die a horrible death quickly) before the next big meme comes on the scene. i wonder what it’ll be.

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