this is just so timely considering my rant just a few days ago:

“…the Volvo S40 ad campaign’s use of the Minutemen’s “Love Dance” seems designed to impress only those who already have the record. Unlike other Minutemen songs, “Love Dance” — an instrumental ­- is lovely enough to pass for a jingle. The shock comes exclusively from the seeing it embedded in such a strange context. Aggressively independent (they recorded exclusively for Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn’s SST label), and unapologetically leftist (bassist Mike Watt does a wicked Castro impersonation), the band’s oeuvre consists largely of pointed anti-capitalist anthems: “Let the products sell themselves/Fuck advertising and commercial psychology” they sing elsewhere on the record from which “Love Dance” was plucked.”

it’s not like this type of thing happened overnight and i don’t even really have a problem with it. supposed old ‘skool indy artists of a certain age have a right to make some cake just like everyone else.

i just find the whole thing so strange when i think back to how much things have changed.

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