remember today – because it’s the day the web changed the world. you can now rent a lackey to do all your dirty deeds dirt cheap:

“”Tomorrow we’re sending someone to cut firewood,” McGarvey said flatly. “We’ve been asked to pick up dog poop, and even to provide escort service–that one we turned down. We’ll do anything that’s legal.”

On, consumers can find someone to detail their car ($75), repair their snowboard ($30) or walk their dog–individually or with a pack–($18-$38 for up to 2 hours). Among its most popular offerings are lackeys who run errands for $40 for a 2-hour period. ”

the mind reels. i’ll adopt when patents the ‘reverse-auction’ business process for renting-a-lackey. anyone want to clean the dog pooh in back yard for 5 bucks? anyone? anyone? bueller?

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