people have been talking alot about the impending wireless web and m.commerce. however, all is not rose-colored since it appears that some users aren’t so happy with the wireless application protocol or WAP:

“According to a new survey by Tamkang University’s Department of Mass Communications, the three million Taiwanese people who use WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) facilities on their cellular phones are dissatisfied with the cost, speed and range of services available.

Some 86.5 percent of respondents said that WAP services were too slow, while 85.5 percent
complained about the price.”

to make matters worse, a .com genious (ahem) has figured out how to spam cell phones:

“Mike Malarkey, a business-development manager for the District-based educational Web developer Blackboard Inc., was in the middle of a meeting last Thursday when his Nokia cell
phone chirped, sounding a bit like the low-battery warning.

When he checked it after the meeting, he saw that the battery was fine, but he’d just received a text message on the phone’s screen–an advertisement for a Web site selling
cell-phone accessories. ”

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