it’s really sad when an article from friday seems old and stale. one of the unintended consequences of mainting the family of sites, is that it’s making me “hypervigilant” of when stories come online – with anything over 12 hourse being past its prime. anyway, the article is yet another ‘mainstream’ reference to The Cluetrain Manifesto, ‘blogging’ and the changes that are afoot – using the amazon patent ‘situation’ as context:

“The traditional media sources — The Wall Street Journals and the BusinessWeeks of the world
— have opined on Amazon’s recent patents. Online magazines such as Salon have run their
pieces. Web sites such as have been started. But the heart and soul of the
movement to criticize Amazon’s patents is the Weblog.

The Weblog is the raw voice of the people — your customers. Essentially, a Weblog is an
online diary with hyperlinks. It’s a point of view and a collection of links to anything on the Web.
It’s a remarkably potent means of communication. A Weblog is a lens to view the world through
someone else’s eyes. ”

to beat a dead cliche in the mouth – i resemble that comment!

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