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the sunnier side of biodiesel.

a small swath of a large-ish planting of high-oil sunflowers suitable for use in the production of biodiesel. the field is owned by cropp ( organic valley ) which happens to own organic logistics which hauls organic products on trucks that run on, you guessed it, biodiesel. this is an experimental crop to help quantify […]

the eric update – day 1161: just another lunch with the (grand)popsarazzi.

yeow! the really red hot chili peppers!

phew. the habaneros aren’t quite ready for harvest, but the cayenne peppers are ripe for picking and, whoooweee, they are hot! there’s plent-o 8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide in them thar peppers.

the eric update – day 1153: odin is shocked, shocked(!) that his cousin can catch a moth.

the eric update – day 1147: odin tries his hand at extreme swing photography.

an odin original photograph taken while spinning in circles in his swing as he practiced saying the phrase, "iiiiiiii’mmmmm going to tooooooss my coooooookies!" ( much laughter ensued )

the eric update – day 1147: the storyteller.

odin has become quite the storyteller and it’s not uncommon to find him telling himself elaborate tales while pretending to be reading a book. if you ask him about particularly fantastical plot points in his tales, he’ll tell you matter-of-factly that it’s possible in his "imaaaaaaginaaaaaaation". i can’t imagine where he picked up his storytelling […]

our local, organic bees didn’t get the memo about colony collapse disorder.

like their bee brothers and sisters around the world, our local, organic bees are thriving while much of the rest of the population is suffering from colony collapse disorder. i’ve heard more than one local bee keeper theorize that the culprit is high fructose corn syrup produced from genetically modified corn containing bacillus thuringiensis, but […]

the eric update – day 1145: gooooooo ( la crosse ) loggers!

odin went to his very first non-little league baseball game and watched the la crosse loggers play against the rochester honkers at "the lumber yard in la crosse, wisconsin! you can click on each image for a brief description.

the eric update – day 1140: odin – one second after seeing i had a camera in my hand.

organic tomatoes – tasty and full of flavonoids.

fans of organic farming have long maintained that organic farming practices produce a healthier soil and healthy soil yields tastier and healthier foods. but scientific data to support the healthier part of the claim has for the most part been lacking. however, a recent issue of the acs’ journal of agricultural and food chemistry published […]

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