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a new year’s eve 13 miler with a new toy!

a new year's eve 13 miler with a new toy!

due to the snowdeal holiday travel schedule santa arrived at the snowdeal household on the eve of new years eve ( much to odin’s chagrin ). and i was very surprised to get a nifty timex ironman watch from kris and odin! no more jostling with my phone to check my pace with runkeeper ( not to mention the fact that gps tracking sucks the battery dry on my android phone )!

so i thought i’d give it a try on a 13 miler for the final run of 2012. ooohhhh boy does it ever play into my obsessive compulsive tendencies. now i can glance at my wrist every tenth of a mile to check my pace and count calories 🙂

a 9:52 pace is a pretty average, relatively easy half marathon pace these days while trudging around in slippery, wintery slop in 10F temps. it’s about a 4:15 marathon pace. if it was dry and not sloppy i could probably easily hit 9:15 minute miles which is a 4:00 marathon pace and pretty good time for me given the fact that i am still subject to the the brutal math of Being A Clydesdale, even after dropping 90 pounds. i think if i lose a few more pounds and focus on developing my speed i can probably hit a 8:30 pace which is around a 3:40 marathon time and about my upper limit.

with a final 13 miler, i’ve ran 2089 miles over the 68 weeks since i started running again and 1,800 miles in 2012!

day 2447: A Ragdoll Cat and A Pocket Watch.

and so, a few months ago, it came to pass that we brought the brother of dearly departed Truck The Cat ( who stayed Too Long in Our Freezer ) into our home ( interestingly, even though i am very allergic to most cats, i’m not allergic to ragdoll cats despite their contested status as a hypoallergenic breed ).

ragsy has been a fine edition to the house and gets along with pushkin quite famously, though, we’ll see if things stay harmonious after pushkin realizes that ragsy may now be odin’s Favorite Pet!

( note: ragsy is looking much less fluffy than he did 4 years ago because of a recent grooming ( aka shaving ) that removed knots in his coat which stymied any amount of brushing ).

why do i think ragsy may be odin’s favorite new pet? in addition to patriotic bicycle snow tires and winter riding gear for christmas, odin also really, really really wanted a pocket watch, which santa graciously delivered. for months we’ve all been waiting for odin to choose just the right picture to put inside. and what did he choose?

a picture of ragsy.

don’t tell pushkin.