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Maj. Gen. John A. Samford’s Statement on “Flying Saucers”, Pentagon, Washington, DC, 07/31/1952

fascinating footage posted by the us national archives showing major general john a. samford, just four years before being appointed director of the nsa, giving a statement on ufos where he explains that there are a certain percentage of observations from credible observers of relatively incredible things that could not be easily explained and concludes , “they represent no threat to us.”

about 3 minutes in you can hear him getting off camera direction from dr. who.

FBI opens online vault revealing UFO paperwork policy

i think i saw this x-files espisode, the one where the mulder finally gets a chance to see the vault where the fbi kept the x-files only to be told they were supposedly destroyed as a matter of policy. turns out, it’s true! the fbi, at last, fesses up and says it has had a policy of destroying documents related to UFO investigations because they would have taken up too much filing space. my impression of the FBI is one of an agency that’s very concerned about collecting and retaining excess paperwork.