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the site for The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s)?

the site for The World's Most Awesome Treehouse(s)?

is it a coincidence that after completing an Electrified Tinkering Space with Power Tools odin has asked me, ever so kindly, if we could build a Tree House together?

he has a vision of building three tree houses in The Big Spruces in our backyard ( one of which is already home to the most super awesomest tree swing. EVAR! which has served us well over the years ) connected via rope bridges and possibly a zip line from the house.

i like his style. how could i possibly say no?

after building the sauna and chicken coop, i think i have the skills to make it happen.

day 2518: The Last Day of the Last Year of Kindergarten.

day 2518: The Last Day of the Last Year of Kindergarten. I.

sigh. the day finally arrived. odin’s last day of kindergarten. a bittersweet day to be sure. of course, odin is nothing but excited because not only is it the last day of school, but the Summer Birthday Kids also collectively celebrate their birthdays.

the parents of the Summer Birthday Kids are also excited because they get to have a special morning with the kids where we hang out with them in the play yard before the bell rings and go for the children on their morning walk and watch a special little celebration filled with laugther and songs and stories.

as is quite typical of a waldorf education kindergarten morning at his school, odin begins by climing his favoritest tree!

i’ll bet he’s climbed this tree every day for the past two years ( for those that don’t know, in a waldorf school kids usually don’t start first grade until they are seven, so odin is finishing his second year of kindergarten ).

day 2518: The Last Day of the Last Year of Kindergarten. II.

he’s looking for a caterpillar that he discovered in the tree yesterday and was very eager for us to see it, but alas, the caterpillar had wandered off.

day 2518: The Last Day of the Last Year of Kindergarten. III.

looooooots of running and laughter in the morning. it’s seems like A Proper Way to start the day and i can’t imagine it any other way ( sitting at a desk?! ).

day 2518: The Last Day of the Last Year of Kindergarten. IV.

then we went on a walk and watched the children empty their compost into the compost buckets and even got a little tour of the greenhouse where the older kids are growing all sorts of green things for the school garden.

day 2518: The Last Day of the Last Year of Kindergarten. V.

and then it was time to take off the outside shoes and light candles and listen to songs and a wonderful story told by Miss Shannon about birthdays and make music and watch odin walk over a “Rainbow Bridge” laden with silk scarves to mark the passing of The Kindergarten Years ( no cameras allowed for that part 🙂

’twas, indeed, a wonderful morning.

seeking advice on preventing peach leaf curl.

last year our peach tree developed a fungal disease known as leaf curl which causes the leaves to become discolored and eventually the characteristically curled in a gnarly manner. infected leaves fall early and typically fruit will drop early too which means no harvest for the year.

my understanding is that treatment involves spraying an organic copper fungicide known as bordeaux mixture on the branches in late fall or early spring before buds swell. early this spring, hoping to avoid mixing my own batch ofbordeaux mixture, i applied “bordeaux modern replacement” from bonide.

but alas, it appears that leaf curl has once again infected the tree.

any advice on how to prevent leaf curl is mightily appreciated.

a peachy mother’s day.

a peachy mother's day.

if kris wants a peach tree for mother’s day then kris gets a peach tree for mothers day 🙂

while it’s fruit will never be mistaken for a "georgia peach", we’ve heard from some locals that they’ve had good luck with the hearty prunus reliance in our growing zone.

maybe having fresh fruit in our front yard will finally convince me that peaches are, in fact, edible. odin definitely didn’t get his taste for the fruit from me. i think one too many attempts to get me to eat canned peaches in my yoot ruined me.