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need to get by with a little help from my DIY friends.

need to get by with a little help from my DIY friends.

so, i started what i thought was a little repair in the “mud room” and, as i’ve become accustomed to with a 100 year old house, it has turned into a much larger repair!

the drywall tape was starting to come apart in the corner of room and once i got up there i realized the whole corner could move quite a bit! once i started tearing it apart i realized someone had just put up flim flamy piece of plywood nailed to what was left of the decaying plaster and lath, covered it with a section of drywall and taped it all in.

i guess it was relatively secure until the tape started giving way over the years, which is to be expected since the mud room is attached to the main house, but “floats” on the ground. with the seasonal freezing and thawing cycle the whole room can shift and settle quite a bit ( insert rant about attaching “floating” additions in northern climes ).

the “daylight” is the easy fix with a judicious application of spray foam and eventually a little stucco work on the outside.

i can see why they did what they did since there doesn’t seem to be a corner “stud” to properly anchor a section of cement board under the drywall.

any home improvement DIY gurus have any suggestions?

and, yes, the room is pink. even though it’s the prettiest mudroom in town ( and is on the list to be painted after we finish the repairs ).