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day 3278: A Brief Break in The Neverending Hockey Season.

day 3278: A Brief Break in The Neverending Hockey Season.

a mere thirteen weeks after The Beginning of The Neverending Hockey Season and twice a week trips to the big city so odin could practice with the heat hockey club, he had his last practice for four weeks off before starting up again in a league that will run right up to when the regular season starts.

he loves it so i guess that makes standing around hockey arenas all year round worthwhile :-)

( odin’s wearing the red socks near the center of the photo. )

day 3256: The Neverending Hockey Season goes on and on.

day 3256: The Neverending Hockey Season goes on and on.

yes, it’s june and The Neverending Hockey Season just keeps going and going and going.

odin’s having a great time. i’m not sure where he got his love of running drills but he likes them as much as playing games which are still plenty fun too ( he’s in the red socks ).

we’re all going to be a little bummed when the the heat hockey club season ends in a few weeks even though it’ll mean i get to spend a little less time in the omnicenter in shivering in my shorts.

day 3185: The Beginning of The Neverending Hockey Season.

day 3185: The Beginning of The Neverending Hockey Season. I.

normally at this time of year, we’re closing out another fun hockey season. the last games are played and the ice is melted at our community arena and we enjoy a few weekends with nothing much to do as the weather warms and spring sets in.

but this year, odin has been enjoying hockey so much that he decided he wanted to join the heat hockey club in the big city of onalaska, wisconsin.

day 3185: The Beginning of The Neverending Hockey Season. II.

they have enough players and money to keep their ice year round and they had their first practice of the off season this weekend and continue through june! which means, in all likelihood, we’ll be gearing up for hockey on 80+ degree days. and it also means we’ll be making a trip to the big city twice a week and giving up a good chunk of our weekend days. but odin had a great time at the first practice running drills and meeting kids from around the area so that makes it all worthwhile.

day 3074: a doubleheader in onalaska!

day 3074: a doubleheader in onalaska!

coming off their exciting first tie game in black river falls, odin’s hockey team played a doubleheader in onalaska, wisconsin today. if you’ve ever skated up and down “full ice” a few times, you might have a sense of how exhausting two games can be so a doubleheader is a good way to see how well the team can play while tired ( incidentally, odin almost never played in the game because he/we forgot to put his skates in his hockey bag and the arena is an hour away from home. luckily and unusually, the arena has a pro shop with rental skates that was open on a sunday so he played in skates that seemed to have never been sharpened :-)

the first game was against the onalaska squirt “b” team which means they were playing against mostly older and more skilled players ( although the official designation doesn’t exist, odin’s team would be considered squirt “c” since it has a few new 8 year old squirts, including odin, who moved up to fill out the roster in lieu of having enough 9 and 10 year olds ).

odin played defenceman which is his comfortable position and he did a fine job. here he is coming up behind the net going after the puck in the defense zone.

not unexpectedly, they lost but only 2 to 0 which is an awesome score for such a young team.

in the second game againt the onalaska squirt “c” team, odin played the offensive right winger position for the first time! every so often, he had a little trouble remembering exactly where he was supposed to be on the ice but that’s certainly to be expected when you’ve never played ( or practiced! ) the position before. still, he made some great plays and even had a shot on goal! he claims he loves playing offense way more than defense now so it’ll be interesting to see what he settles into over time.

even though it was their second game, the team played well and controlled the ice through all three periods and won 2 to 1!

so, three games into the season they’ve tied 1, won 1 and lost 1 which is an excellent start against some great teams.