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day 3220: odin turns his trash into treasure.

day 3220: odin turns his trash into treasure. I.

ever since odin had a yard sale to earn the money to buy a bicycle, each spring when our town has a city yard sale day, he’s eager to part with some of his stuff in exchange for a little money. it’s fun to watch him figure out what he’s willing to part with, decide on prices and then learn if other people think his stuff is what he thinks its worth and even haggle with prospects a little bit over prices 🙂

i’m pretty sure when i was eight the last thing i wanted to do was sell my stuff to strangers even if it meant putting a little cash in my pocket.

day 3220: odin turns his trash into treasure. II.

this time around he earned $63! some of it, he gets to put in his pocket and some of it is going in the bank.

since he saw this video he’s now more convinced than ever that he wants to save up for a drone?!

how much does the tooth fairy pay?

in an unusual move the tooth fairy sent me a instant message asking me to pick up some sacagawea dollar coins and two dollar bills. said she knew she was stopping off at our house and didn’t have time to get to the bank and wanted to know if we’d spot her some.

sure. why not? i mean, i’m sure she’s good for it, right?

relatedly, informal polling and web searching has yielded interesting answrss to the question, “how much does the tooth fairy pay?” this article closely mirrors my personal poll results. high rolling tooth fairies pay $5 for the first tooth and $3 thereafter. tooth fairies “from the block” one or two bucks for the first tooth and fifty cents to a dollar for the rest.