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259/365. where are you scott kuhlman, maker of fabulous shirts? take my money!

259/365.  where are you scott kuhlman, maker of fabulous shirts? take my money!

a few years ago, i came into possession of this minneapolis thrift store find after a local friend’s husband – for reasons that are impossible to understand – didn’t want it.

it’s well made and the attention to detail is noticeable. if feels like it’s going to last forever. and the design! it is by far, the shirt i own that gets the most positive comments. i mean, people love this shirt. i wanted to get a few more shirts from its creator and it’s turning out to be more difficult than i anticipated.

the shirt has an embroidered tag with “www.kuhlmancompany.com” which redirects to a parked domain. it looks like the company has some success in the mid ’00, expanded fast, ran out of money, sold to investors, and came back as “scott james” in 2011. that website also redirects to a parked domain and the Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2013.

anyone have any idea where scott kuhlman landed?

Little War on the Prairie

this american life has an outstanding episode, “Little War on the Prairie”, on the dakota war of 1862 which led to the public hanging of 38 sioux, the largest mass execution in american history in mankato minnesota. i’m not a minnesotan, but it’s amazing to me that i’ve never heard of the battle or what happened in the ironically named sibley park ( listen to the episode to learn why ). there’s no mention of the event on the mankato sibley park page. i wonder if there’s even a marker. it’s a somber reminder of all the battles ( and massacres ) that took place all around us in the upper midwest in the name of manifest destiny. indeed, the bad axe massacre took place in victory wisconsin less than 30 miles from where i live now.