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14 miles! and a big ol’ glass of organic valley chocolate milk.

14 miles! and a big ol' glass of organic valley chocolate milk.

i ran 14 miles that felt pretty good for the most part ( and 36 for the week ) though i have to admit thinking about the nice big glass of organic valley chocolate milk waiting for me at the end was about the only thing that pulled me through the last two miles 🙂

there’s lots of research supporting benefits of chocolate milk as an exercise recovery drink and some of the most research was specifically done on runners and evaluated protein turnover, muscle glycogen, and performance during recovery:

“The effects of consumption of MILK after endurance exercise on [ muscle protein fractional synthetic rate ] FSR, signaling molecules of skeletal muscle protein turnover, leucine kinetics, and performance measures suggest unique benefits of milk compared with a CHO-only beverage.”

also, this was the first run where i felt like consuming some “goo” would probably do me some good. i had a 90% organic mocha clif shot ( WITH 50MG OF CAFFEINE! ) and i must admit that it was pretty good. i don’t think they existed 10 years ago when i was training for marathons because i have the worst memories of chocking down nasty non-organic carb goos that would make me gag. so happy i don’t have to deal with that anymore. and they’re remarkably affordable on amazon.

running update – 10 months and 1190 miles later.

wow. it’s hard to believe that it’s been slightly over 10 months since i started running again and five months since i decided to run the chicago marathon 9 years after running it for the first time!

i just tallied up my mileage and i’ve run 1,190 miles since starting up again. if memory serves that’s almost half the distance across the united states from coast to coast “as the crow flies”!

and now it’s just shy of 12 weeks until the chicago marathon which means i have to get serious about putting in a longer run each week and building up to about an 18 or 20 miles before the marathon.

i’ve been running 5-6 miles a day 7 days a week for many months now to get a solid base down, so i’ll have to come up with a plan that keeps the overall mileage about the same but throws in a long run on the weekend with a rest day – probably customized off one of the hal higdon routines.

here we goooooooooooo!

racking up the mileage. and signed up for the chicago marathon!

hey! time for a running update. most of my weekly updates get sent over the social channels and i forget i’ve been quiet again over here since letting you all know the twingy heel was pretty much mostly not twingy anymore ( exciting stuff, i know ).

well, i’ve been keeping at it and i added up all the mileage – ‎6 miles today and 35 miles for the week. this is my 6th 35 mile week in a row and i’ve ran 500 miles total over 22 weeks since starting running again while only missed 1 week on vacation.


things are feeling good enough that i signed up for the chicago marathon in october. assuming i stay injury free, i plan to be there for the first time in 9 years.

i can’t believe it’s been that long.