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day 3250: empirically testing the physics of freefall and drag.

day 3250: empirically testing the physics of freefall and drag. I.

“poppi. can i go up on the flat roof and throw down this parachute i made? i want to test how many marbles i put in cup before it doesn’t float anymore.”

of course! because even if he doesn’t know he’s empirically testing the physics of free fall and drag with parachutes, i can still understand the fun of standing on the edge of a roof and throwing stuff off the edge.

and, amusingly, i remember being his very age and wondering how many garbage bags i would have to put together to safely carry me down from the top of a tree.

day 3250: empirically testing the physics of freefall and drag. II.

it floats!

he could put a few marbles in the cup before it became too heavy for the size of the parachute. it’ll be interesting to see if he figures out how to plot various surface areas against max weight carried.

still life of odin’s maker table.

still life of odin's maker table.

a few years ago we turned a room in our house into a “maker room”. i suppose in days gone by it might have been called a craft room, but hey, we love the maker culture, hence its name.

as is typical with kids, odin just assumes that everyone has a subscription to make magazine and an entire room dedicated to creating stuff. it amuses us greatly that odin will matter-of-factly tell people that he was doing this or that in “the maker room”. some folks furrow their brows and not have a clue what he’s talking about, but a good number of people are familiar with the emerging maker culture which i guess shouldn’t be so suprising when even the white house is blogging about maker faires and founders of the movement are being honored as whitehouse champions of change.

in any case, we make stuff on a nice, big 7 foot table ( appropriately, it’s made from a door ) and it’s usually as messy as you’d expect a making table to be especially when odin is in the middle of tinkering on a few projects.

i went in the room to find something and loved this “still life” of one small portion of the table with a copy of “How to Do Nothing with Nobody All Alone by Yourself” ( first published in 1958! ) and “The Dangerous Book for Boys”, a sheathed knife, an x-acto knife, a cutting mat, bits of paper from various pop-up projects, a pile rubber bands, batteries, , yarn, knitting needles, crochet needles, a crochet project, copper tubing first used to study eddy current braking and now used for who-knows-what and, of course a copy of the latest issue of usa hockey magazine.

the perfect father’s day gift for a maker summer.

the perfect father's day gift for a maker summer. I.

odin ( and his mother ) sure do know what to get me for the perfect father’s day gift. a subscription to make magazine! i think they’ve found the perfect perennial gift, all they have to do is keep renewing the subsciption every year 🙂

the perfect father's day gift for a maker summer. II.

and they algo gave me a copy of the School’s Out! Best Summer Ever Special Issue which, cleverly, comes with an article on building a zip line which could in handy for getting to The World’s Most Awesome Treehouse(s) from the second floor of our house.

definitely lots of fun projects ahead. i’m sure we’ll share some of our favorites. oh, and happy father’s day!

odin’s new knitting sticks and yarn.

odin's new knitting sticks and yarn.

well it took awhile, but five and half years after i wrote about felix’s closing on main street the wonderful ewetopia fiber shop has moved in from its smaller space just down the street. it’s a great shop and i’m sure it’ll do even brisker business in its new digs.

given odin’s love of knitting and crocheting we make frequent trips to the store and today we decided to cash in a gift certificate he’s had burning a hole in his wallet from christmas.

he picked up some knitting sticks, a ball of yarn and a measuring tape a new project he has in mind. i’m sure you’ll see his finished creation soon 🙂