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day 2238: wherein we learn one of us has a hard time getting in and out of the monkey bars.

after our search for jasper we spent some time hanging out at the elementary school of my youth ( which was named after rose m. gaffney who began teaching in 1897 and i often have wondered if she ever sent any of my relatives to the principle’s office ).

the school looks quite a bit different than when i was a kid, but it was fun to watch odin play on the monkey bars and imagine that they might – just maybe – be the same bars i played on when i was his age.

being on elementary school property, it’s always good to learn a lesson. and mine for the day? that it’s a lot harder to get *out* from inside the bars than i remember it being 30 years ago! as luck would have it, i had the camera so unfortunately it was impossible to document my attempts to escape 🙂

odin plays the ol’ game of see-if-i-can-kick-the-camera-while-on-the-swing. someday he’s going to win.

a bit of history on the bad little falls of machias.

as is the case with many places in the area, machias was named by the passamaquoddy people. the name machias means, “bad little falls”, a reference to the falls the run through town. while not the most impressive falls you might ever see, i imagine the passamaquoddy wanting to warn folks about the stretch of rive that might result in a bad little fall if you ever went over the falls.

turns out, the falls were also a great location for setting up a saw mill and the town was officially “settled” in 1763 ( although it has a long history prior to that date ), when one of odin’s relatives joined with 16 others came to the area to build a saw mill next to the bad little falls.