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the eric update – day 71: another transfusion. reduced reflux. reglan questions.

day 71: living strong with a new transfusion

pooh decided to put one of the yellow “live strong” wristbands to good use after eric finished getting his latest transfusion. as regular readers are quite aware, we’ve known for awhile that he’s needed a transfusion, so it was nothing surprising and it will go a long ways towards giving eric the energy he needs to bust out of the nicu.

interestingly, they did a special blood test to see specifically how many new red bloods cells he was making and it seemed like he wsa doing a great job creating new ones, but just not making them quite fast enough to keep his hemoglobin levels from slowly dropping.

day 71: burping in a big, blue hat

otherwise, eric had a quiet day. he gained a little weight, but most of that was due to the transfusion and fluid retension. his reflux problems were greatly reduced, presumably due to his new meds, but i’ve been given some reasonable information that reglan can often some with some nasty side effects. i specifically asked about it today and the nurse, who is very normally very responsive, sort-of dismissed the question and said that it’s just part of the normal nicu course of treatment for reflux and they never see any problems. we’ll definately be following up a bit more rigorously tommorrow to see what the thinking is, considering that his reflux is fairly mild ( although, it must be stressed that reflux in a micropreemie is nothing to play around with as it can quickly spiral into a host of other issues ).

the eric update – day 70: a 10 week birthday! and way too much progress for a pithy title.

day 70: into an open, unheated bassinet. I.

eric celebrated his 10 week birthday by quickly ditching his isolette after only 9 days and moving on to an open, unheated bassinet! the open bed is the very last stop before graduating from the nicu – yippee!

day 70: into an open, unheated bassinet. II.

eric’s caregivers don’t want him to spend too money calories keeping warm so they take great care to make sure that he’s really bundled in blankets. he seemed to be holding his temperature quite well during the day, so i think he’ll manage the transition well as long as we keep him swaddled.

day 70: new meds

it’s not uncommon for micropreemies to reflux their food which can cause them to stop breathing, or even worse, the refluxed food can get into their lungs and cause all sorts of problems.

we’ve noticed that most of eric’s “desatting” ( lowering of blood oxygen ) and bradycardias ( dangerous lowering of heart rate ) occur after feeding, which means that he might be starting to show signs of mild reflux; to help relieve the condition, they’ve started to give him zantac to reduce the reflux and reglan to help move things along more quickly. if the meds work as intended, the doctors might not need to give him a round of pulmicort, since much of his need for supplemental oxygen seems to be related to reflux.

day 70: helpful reminder

nurse nancy leaves us a not so subtle note to remind us to not forget to take our infant cpr class on wednesday. really, she’s telling us not to wait until the following wednesday because we’ll likely be getting too close to eric’s release day.

day 70: lance armstronged bassinet

in addition to the yellow “live strong” armbands, we received dozens and dozens of blank “live strong” postcards, which i decided to plaster all over his new bassinet.

this is only a small portion of the bed that’s covered, but i thought it was the best shot.

after two months of enduring this kind of behavior from me, the nurses have learned to stop asking why.

day 70: hungry boy

eric’s nurse is fiddling with his nasal cannula, which is why he has the plastic “blow by” tube in his face that is gently wafting oxygen towards his nose and mouth.

it’s close to feeding time and he decides that he very much wants to suck on kris’ finger while he waits for food.

day 70: sick of the nasal cannula

eric’s nurses turned down his nasal cannula “flow” to 0.5 liters per minute, which is way down from the starting point of 2.0 liters per minute. when the flow gets to 0 liters per minute, he’ll be able to be rid of the nasal cannula entirely.

as if to prove a point, he kept ripping the nasal cannula out of his nose and staring at us. he did this over and over and it was hard to not interpret the action as his way of saying that he was ready to be free of supplemental oxygen.

his blood oxygen levels looked so great that his nurse decided to take his nasal cannula off for two 20 minute periods while watching his stats. he did great so i suspect that he’ll be off oxygen support much sooner than later, if the reflux meds work properly.

day 70: four pounds!

woohoo! in addition to everything else, eric hit the four pound milestone on his ten week birthday! somehow, i managed to not get his entire raised fist in the frame. hi. ho.

it’s hard to imagine that a mere three weeks ago we were celebrating him hitting three pounds. hooray for eric!

day 70: record setting bottle feed

eric decided to celebrate all the big achievements by drinking his 9 p.m. bottle in four minutes. i’m not joking. i guess there’s no doubt that he’s got the bottle feeding thing down.

is it just me or does it seem like his custom knit cap is getting a lot more snug than it was just three weeks ago?

the eric update – day 69: footie jammies! live strong! pulmicort?

day 69: cuddle time. I.

today was the kind of day where the big news was that eric wore big boy clothes with footies! we got the outfit from a friend of kris’ ( hi beth! ) who gave us a bunch of preemie clothes that have come in mighty handy.

while he’s been able to wear open-footed street clothes for a few weeks, the staff wanted to wait until he was even more stable before we bundled him in footie wear. i thought maybe he wouldn’t like having his feet covered, but he didn’t seem to mind it at all.

day 69: cuddle time. II.

you may have noticed that kris is wearing a yellow “live strong” band from the lance armestrong foundation.

our friends, adam and johanna ( yes, the same adam and johanna who seem to be travelling around the country and sending odin postcards. thanks! ), sent us almost too many bands to count because they thought the “live strong” motto was perfect for little odin. we think so too. we got the bands the other day and i was holding off taking a picture until i could properly “set up” a shot with all the bands surrounding eric, but kris foiled my evil plan.

at the end of the day, eric’s neonatal nurse practitioner told us that they were thinking of giving eric pulmicort to help give him a boost off his oxygen. we haven’t had any time to research the risks and benefits of pulmicort, so if anybody has any opinions, i’d like to hear them.