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day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. I.

well, at least the end of this session of gymnastics. it seems impossible to believe odin’s first gymnastics class which started three months ago is over already! hi. ho. i’m sure there will be lots of biking and swimming and who-knows-what to take its place over the summer until classes resume in the fall.

maybe by then i’ll figure out how to take better pictures in the athletic center 🙂

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. II.

apparently i need to reassess how high i think he jump on the trampoline while framing the shot.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. III.

odin gets some tutelage on how to stoop and swoop his foot down below the balance beam before lifting it uuuuuuuup and over the safety cone.

i am quite confident i would have fallen off at this point but he stayed standing and made it to the end.

day 2497: The Last Day of Gymnastics. IV.

and i’m also quite confident that i could never, ever pick a point on the floor to focus on while lifting up one leg and leaning over without falling flat on my face.

while his classmates might look underwhelmed, i am mighty impressed 🙂

somehow i managed to not get a single photograph on the uneven bars! booo!

day 2413: first day of gymnastics!

in keeping with our tradition of having odin sample a wide range of “organized” sports to see what he likes and doesn’t like ( hard to believe he’s already tried hockey, swimming, cross country skiing, tennis tee ball and soccer ), today was his first day of gymnastics!

i don’t know why it took so long to get him enrolled given his love of running, jumping, swinging and hanging. i guess maybe he’s just been too busy trying everything else.

swimming and cross country skiing have been his favorites so far, but after having a go on the parallel bars and balance beam, i think he’s found a new love.