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a good night’s sleep is hard to find

“Cue Thomas Edison, whose invention of the light bulb revolutionized and regularized sleeping schedules, eliminating segmented sleeping: The longer a house had lighting, the later a household would go to bed. Electricity had elbowed out night-waking, along with its valuable qualities. “By turning night into day,” wrote Ekirch, “modern technology has obstructed our oldest avenue to the human psyche, making us, to invoke the words of the 17th-century English playwright Thomas Middleton, ‘disannulled of our first sleep, and cheated of our dreams and fantasies.’” Wehr agreed, suggesting that current routines have not only changed our sleeping patterns, but also “might provide a physiological explanation for the observation that modern humans seem to have lost touch with the wellspring of myths and fantasies.” utne reader

on electrification, power tools and a space to call my own.

on electrification, power tools and a space to call my own. I.

running power to the garage which sits about 100′ away from the house has been a project two years in the making ( literally! two years! i almost can’t believe the timestamp on the “being manly on a sunday afternoon” ) and it finally came to fruition when i spent the time to put in an electrical box and breaker and whatnot this afternoon.

when i flipped the switch on the light fixture ( after getting over the inevitable surprise that nothing exploded or shorted out ) the reality really sunk in.

i have POWER IN THE GARAGE! and space to plug in a radio and power tools like the new-to-me 10″ radial arm saw that just happened to show up on a buy-sell-trade list for a Real Affordable Price that i couldn’t pass up. it’s like The Universe KNEW!.

it’s the dawn of a whole new age of tinkering and making.

perhaps unsurprisingly, after spending two hours in the newly electrified space, it became clear that i am in need of a mini fridge. and more power tools.

on electrification, power tools and a space to call my own. II.

after playing around with the radial arm saw ( cutting down a bunch of odd-and-ends lumber for kindling for sauna ), i have a healthy fear of its power to take off digits and whole limbs. and it can really crank out the saw dust.

is that little round pipe thingy attached to the blade guard supposed to have a bag attached to catch sawdust? i rigged a plastic bag to it and it didn’t collect any dust at all.