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the eric update – day 53: supersized paci. yet another spit bath. first laundry load!

day 53: supersized paci

tonight, eric was upgraded to a really, really big paci, which is yet another sign that he’s getting to be a Big Boy. the pacifier is a special preemie, orthodontically-correct paci which the nurses claimed would be difficult to find outside the nicu. it doesn’t seem too difficult if you know where to look, but maybe there’s a difference that makes a difference that i’m not seeing. i’m sure someone can help me clear up the confusion. in any case, the supersized paci is a big step on the way to getting prepared for breastfeeding. it’s neat to see him start to suck on everything in sight when it gets close to feeding time, even though his feedings are coming through the feeding tube.

day 53: bearer of the ring

maybe someday, i’ll stop documenting every bath that he gets, but today was not that day. kris looked at me with a raised eyebrow when i told her that i was going to photograph yet another spit bath, but i just couldn’t quite bring myself to not take the pictures. hopefully you’ll still enjoy the fruits of my obsessiveness.

day 53: yet another spit bath. I.

no, this isn’t a mere product placement for johnson & johnson shampoo; it’s time for another “spit” bath! eric can’t have a full tub bath because his IV is in his arm, which makes it more difficult to keep water from infiltrating the line.

day 53: yet another spit bath. II.

first, the eyes must be scrubbed.

day 53: yet another spit bath. III.

and then the inside of the ear.

day 53: yet another spit bath. IV.

don’t forget the back of the ears. you don’t want any yeasty growths accumulating behind the ears.

day 53: yet another spit bath. V.

scrub his head!

day 53: yet another spit bath. VI.

rinse his head!

day 53: yet another spit bath. VII.

aahhhh. a brief respite from the rigors of the spit bath.

day 53: yet another spit bath. VIII.

a bath can be pretty tiring and one must yawn at least once during the process.

day 53: yet another spit bath. IX.

scrubbing bubbles.

day 53: yet another spit bath. X.

during the bath, eric decides that maybe the new, supersized paci would be a good way to help make the best of the situation.

day 53: yet another spit bath. XI.

it’s always nice to end a bath with a little fingergrab.

day 53: tucked in for the night.

tucked in for the night. well, not really, because the nurses will still be doing their nursing duties every couple of hours, but we like to imagine that he’s really settled in for a long night of restful sleep.

i think the muscle shirt with cars suits him well.

day 53: decreased nasal cannula flow

in one of the most subtle changes of late, eric’s nasal cannula air flow was decreased from 2 liters to 1.5 liters, which is a huge step forward in the process of getting weaned from the respiratory aid. the nurses thought he’d need to have his supplemental oxygen turned up to help offset the decreased airflow, but he didn’t, which they said was quite impressive.

the floating ball indicates the flow rate. when it gets to zero, he’ll be able to get rid of the nasal cannula altogether and be free of tubes up his nose!

day 53: his first load of laundry!

they also told us that, as soon as he gets the IV taken off of his hand, we can start bringing in his own personal clothes! the clothes he’s wearing now are special tops with velcro that make it really easy to get on and off in the event of an emergency, but soon he’ll be able to wear regular street cloths.

so, late in the night we did his very first load of laundry.

the eric update – day 18: mucus interruptus

day 18:  his first diaper change!

we still get to see a fair number of “firsts” each day and today it was the first time that kris had the opportunity to change his diaper! i would have done it, but…er…somebody has to take the pictures 🙂 next time, i’ll be eagerly standing in line. honest.

obviously its not his first diaper change. but it’s the first one that kris gets to do, with a little help from nurse denise. it’s harder than it looks with all the tubes and whatnot, but she did a fantastic job.

given all the relaxing photos of ‘roo care, you might be tricked into believing that he’s not occasionally wisked away under duress.

today, his blood oxygen took a dive and none of the typical measures to get him to breath were working.

day 18:  great gobs of goo

usually that means that he’s collected a sticky wad of mucus in one of his breathing passages, which requires the nurse to suction it out.

his passages were getting clogged a bit more than normal and they were irritated as evidenced by blood getting suctioned out along with the goo. unfortunately, mucous and dried passages come with the CPAP territory. imagine having air blown in your mouth and nose 24 hours a day. i think it’s probably like driving 80 m.p.h. down the highway with your head out the window.

day 18:  kris doing her best attempt to relax

i know it’s “normal”, but it doesn’t make it any easier to watch the nurses shove 6 inches of tubing into his nose and retrieve great gobs of bloody goo. eric doesn’t like it much either. such is life in the nicu sometimes.

in a rare example of restraint, i’ll save you from the picture of what they pulled out of his nose.

he alarmed a bit more than usual during the ‘roo time today from all the goo;

kris did her best impression of someone attempting to relax, but she can’t fool me.

day 18: kick out the jams!

despite it all, eric reminds us that he can teach us a thing or two by taking it all in stride and getting mighty comfortable with his blanket.

he’s not actually listening to music at the moment, but he sure looks like he should be.

the kid knows how to relax, even after a day of having six inches of suction tubes jammed up his nose and down his throat.

and no, sony did not pay for that product placement in the background. hmmmmmmm

and the boy’s Got Milk. he’s on 3 cc’s an hour and tolerating it well.

day 18:  it's hairy back boy!

i know. i know. it’s “lanugo” or as it’s more commonly known as – baby fuzz – and it’s going to go away.

but it’s growing in thick bunches all over the place and it’s amusing to wonder what life would be like for him if it didn’t fall out.