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day 3042: the 2012 halloween crew!

day 3042: the 2012 halloween crew! I.

the 2012 halloween crew getting ready for some tricking or treating!

can you spot odin?

day 3042: the 2012 halloween crew! II.

oh, o.k. i’ll make it a little easier for you. odin and i were dressed-up as matching, well, i’m not quite sure what we dressed-up as. maybe ringwraiths?

i cobbled the costume together a few years ago from this and that and have discovered it’s very disconcerting to young and old alike, possibly because i’m taller than your average joe and people can’t see my face. it’s big fun to sneak up next to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and just loom over them without saying a word.

odin so enjoyed the effect that he decided he wanted to dress up like his poppi this year 🙂