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day 2671: being judged.

day 2671: being judged.

since odin has started playing hockey again we’ve been working on honing his hockey skills in anticipation of him trying out to see what team he would play on. according to usa hockey rules children under the age of nine can play in what is known as the “mite” level on either the “mite A” or “mite B” team. mite A players generally have better developed skills that mite B players.

i think this is the first time odin has ever had “try outs” for a team and i was surprised to find myself slightly anxious at the prospect of having people grade his skills while he went through exercises like skating backwards in a “figure 8” around pylons.

we’re all about having fun, regardless of whether or not he makes the “A team” or “B team” and, truth be told, after a 3 year hiatus he should be on the B team so he can develop with kids at the same skill level.

and yet, there i was with fists balled as he went around the ice, nervous that he was going to fall, secretly hoping he would ace all the tests and surprise everyone by making the “A team”, while having flashbacks to my own pee wee basketball and little league baseball tryouts when i was his age.

it really makes me happy that odin couldn’t care less about what team he plays for. he just wants to have fun on the ice and skate as fast as he can.

we should know in about a week which team he’s on.