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day 2304: odin and his not-so-scary jack-o-lanterns.

after two thousand three hundred and four days we fixed an egregious oversight and finally carved some jack o’ lanterns with odin.

for whatever reason, every year my grand plans to carve some stupendously awesome and complicated designs never seem to materialize, so this year we decided to go back to basics which, of course, was just fine by odin.

day 2304: eggciting news! one of The Girls laid an egg!

we been patiently waiting and waiting and waiting for our first egg from The Girls over the past couple of weeks. we knew the day was coming soon since it’s been about 24 weeks since we brought The Girls home which is about the age they should start laying. in anticipation of getting eggs, we’ve even prepared the nesting boxes with golf balls to give them and idea of where they’re supposed to lay.

each morning odin has been running out to check the boxes, only to come back empty handed.

but tonight, while odin was getting ready for bed, when i went out shut them in to the coop, imagine my eggcitement when i spied a single, tiny little egg in the coop!

odin literally leapt for joy when i came in house and handed him the egg ( and almost dropped it! ).

now we’re all wondering which hen laid the egg. amusingly, whomever it was, moved all the straw and the golf balls out of the nesting boxes and built herself a nice nest in the middle of the coop 🙂

a hen will start laying “pullet eggs”, which are dimunitive versions of what you’ll find cartoned on the shelves of your favorite grocery store or food coop. on the left of this photo you can see the pullet egg compared to a “regular brown” medium egg. after 6 weeks or so the hens will start laying full-sized eggs.

“foodies” claim pullet eggs are super tasty and can be used to make, for instance, a extra-creamy and delicious “yolk flan”.

i love me some flan, so i suspect we’ll try to whip up ba batch in the upcoming weeks!