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day 2228: odin’s tests a new “old maid” strategy.

odin and i were playing a round of old maid ( which i had no idea evolved from an ancient gambling game in which the loser pays for the drinks ) and i noticed a flash of devilishness cross his face as he not-so-subtly arranged the cards in a not-so-subtle attempt to influence my selection of cards from his hand.

odin, after a few rounds of watching me pass up on the extended card, grew puzzled. “poppi, why aren’t you taking this card.”

“which card?”

“this card, you know, this one.” ( presumably the “old maid” card that you don’t want to get left with at the end of the game )

“oh, i don’t know, i think i don’t want that one.”

“oooooh, yeeeeesssss, you dooooooooo.”

while it’s cute to watch him push the boundaries of the rules, i think we need to work on his poker face.